Strawberry mousse and dark chocolate flower

Strawberry mousse and dark chocolate flower

For the mousse

For chocolate nest

650g strawberries
240g single cream
120g sweetened condensed milk
120g caster sugar
4 gelatin leaves
250g dark chocolate Cailler
strawberry coulis


1. Put the gelatin to soften in a bowl of cold water.
2. Using a whisk, mount the cream and set aside too cool.
3. Wash and hull strawberries. Put 400g in a bowl and, using a blender, the mix them making sure to leave large pieces.
4. Add sweetened condensed milk and 100 g caster sugar, mix.
5. Take 40g of whipped cream, put it in a bowl and add the well-drained gelatin.

6. Melt in the oven, microwave, then add this mixture to hot strawberry mixture.
7. Whisk and stir gently with a spatula the remaining whipped cream. Divide the strawberry mousse into 4 spherical molds and book freezer at least 2 hours.

8. 30 min before serving, melt the chocolate in a double boiler.
9. Turn out the frozen foam balls and place them on a grid.
10. Pour the melted chocolate on the balls. Allow the chocolate to take a few minutes and then drop the ball thrown on the plate.
11. Pour some sauce on the ball and let stand for the foam thawed in the center.
12. Decorate the plate with the remaining whole strawberries.

It is quite possible to replace the strawberries with other fruit such as raspberry or mango.

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