List of products by brand Cailler of Switzerland

Dedicated to quality since 1819, the Cailler brand is one of Switzerland's oldest, best-known and best-loved chocolate brands.

In 1818 , François- Louis Cailler and Abram.L.C . Cusin create a business called Cailler and Cusin, but this partnership lasts until 1821 when it will eventually bankrupt Thereafter François- Louis Cailler continued alone.

During a stay of François- Louis Cailler in Italy , he discovered a mixture of ground cocoa beans and sugar sold in stores as a tonic product at a price that only the rich could afford.

Return to his country , he decided to buy an existing chocolate " mill Chenaux Ziegler " and thus begins the production of chocolate -based industrial products for public enjoyment .

In 1875, milk chocolate invented by Daniel Peter . After buying several chocolate factories around Lake Geneva , FLC opens a new factory in Broc.

In 1911, companies and Peter Kohler joins Cailler to optimize production techniques and improve the quality of chocolate . The new company will be " Peter , Cailler , Kohler Chocolats Suisses SA" . FLC create a manufacturing process that allows a creamier than the maximum of the time using concentrated milk product with milk Gruyère result. This process is still used in the production of chocolate , which gives the very creamy taste of milk .

Cailler is a brand of the Nestlé Group in 1929.

Cailler house is open to visitors since 2010, in which you can learn the history of the company and most importantly, taste the delicious chocolates that are produced .