PURCHASE IN LARGE QUANTITY (for all our customers)

- Purchasing more than 70 tablets, the expedition cost is free (approximately 8.2 k chocolates and 5 to 10 business days for delivery)
- For a higher quantity, we can also offer you an adapted discount.


- Shipments are sent from Switzerland and export laws must be respected.We do all this legal process so to warranty that your package arrives without any problems.
- The custom services may require payment of local tax specific to each country. This price is not included, and it will be paid by the customer when the shipping will be received. (The tax is calculated only based on the chocolate and not the transport).

Are you a company and you are looking for a provider to buy Swiss chocolates?

Different solutions can be proposed:

BtoB or BtoC GIFTS

- For each special date, a variety of chocolates adapted to your needs can be selected. We serve as partnership to find you the best offer through all brands of Swiss chocolate.
- We offer the service of multiple and personalized shipments.


Some brands of chocolates or printing companies propose the personalization service. So, you can print a message, your slogan or your company's logo on the chocolate or on the package.

We can help you in this process.


- Our main shipping company is FedEx, that guarantees a reception of your packages from 5 to 10 business days, from the moment the packages leave our office.
Also from 24 to 48 hours with the express service, (shipping cost must be confirmed).
- Transportation guarantees that your order arrives in excellent condition.
- The isotherm packaging protects the chocolates for the transport and it will arrive in perfect condition. Some conditions need to be respected

For more information, contact us contact us and describe us your requirements. We will make an dedicated offer to answer to your project.