List of products by brand Favarger

The Manufacture incorporates and controls every part of the chocolate making profession from the selection and transportation of cocoa beans to the creation of original recipes.

A familly affair

In 1826, a watchmaker fell in love with the daughter of a chocolate maker from Geneva. By marrying her, he also embraced the chocolate making profession, which he learnt alongside her father.

This love story continued through seven generations of the Favarger family, men and women driven by exacting standards, a desire for independence and a sense of loyalty.

The factory is located in Versoix , Canton of Geneva.


Created in 1922, the recipe for Avelines is one of Geneva's most delicious and closely-guarded secrets. The Aveline embodies the exquisite blend of chocolate and hazelnuts, from which it takes its name. The selection of the very best raw materials and the experience of the Manufacture’s craftsmen come together to make the Aveline, the ultimate expression of the Favarger taste: recognising the pure flavour of the finest ingredients, a soft yet crunchy texture, and a rich, instant, generous and infinitely indulgent pleasure.

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