List of products by brand Lindt

We are in 1879. Rodolphe Lindt, son of a Bernese pharmacist, wants to make chocolate. Confectioner by trade, Rodolphe Lindt is also Epicurean and good living. It aspires to create a chocolate less hard and more palatable.


To this day, nobody has pierced it, or almost. One thing is certain: the conching process is one of its elements: you have to mix the ingredients for hours, even days and nights. Should we add cocoa butter? Absolutely. But how much? And what else ?

For nearly 150 years, Rodolphe Lindt's melting mix has continued to symbolize Swiss chocolate, which has a worldwide reputation. It also evokes the innovative talent and ingenuity of the successful entrepreneurs of this small country in the heart of Europe: the country of chocolate LINDT.